As a licensed Realtor, I provide professional representation in an ever changing real estate market.  I will work on your behalf and represent your interests.  Agency representation provides buyers and sellers with fiduciary client level services and responsibilities that include:

  • Loyalty

              -  will be faithful to and act only in the best interest of client(s)

  • Obedience

              -  will carry out all lawful instructions of client(s)

  • Disclosure

              -  will disclose all material facts which might reasonably afftect the client(s)' use and enjoyment of the property

  • Confidentiality

             -  will keep the confidences of client(s) unless required by law to disclose specific information

  • Reasonable Skill and Care

              -  will use reasonable care in performing duties as an agent

              -  example:  arriving at a reasonable purchase price and advising client(s) of such

  • Accounting

              -  will account for all money and property received as agents for client(s)

              -  example:  earnest money deposit